EFS specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of architectural façades in composite panel, aluminium, timber, zinc and corten as well as other products on projects large and small.

At EFS a dedicated team is appointed to each project including a Work Health & Safety Manager. The client can be confident in the knowledge that they are receiving a quality product and service from initial concept through to final hand-over.

We offer a wide range of products to meet the demands of even the most complex façade. The majority of these elements are manufactured at our state of the art factory in Queanbeyan, which works to the highest of standards.

In addition to the services offered within the core business, EFS also offers specialised services to those special works projects. These are often the more ‘boutique’ projects, or alternatively projects that utilise our more specialised skills and solutions.

Whatever your project’s façade requirements, however aesthetically elaborate or technically challenging your project may be, with the expertise available at EFS we are confident that we will deliver the right façade solution with the very best client experience from start to finish.

We bring our passion, creativity and innovation to every project we undertake and seek to deliver the optimum outcomes, even where we face complex challenges or constraints such as tight budgets, small sites and special contexts.

Commercial Façades

EFS designs, manufactures and installs façade panels, cladding systems, rain shields on projects large and small. Our expertise and services extend to early stage design and commercial support, incorporating logistics and installation strategies through to detailed engineered contractors’ proposals for the most complex of façade solutions.

The company’s extensive manufacturing capability enables quality to be maintained strictly whilst allowing maximum flexibility to meet individual project requirements.

EFS draws on extensive experience to provide individual solutions from the earliest design phase through to final installation and beyond. Our safety management ensures that maximum protection is provided against accidents and other health risks, both in the company’s own facilities as well as on site.


EFS are highly respected as specialist façade installers in state of the art and complex residential projects. Best known for our work on architecturally designed homes, we have also completed smaller projects partnering with home owners for that individual flair to their home.

Using modern techniques with state of the art materials our fully accredited tradesmen deliver award winning excellence and professionalism. Our creative and technical expertise allows clients to develop and realise their design utilising all types of cladding.

Our experience and expertise means we can recommend products that will best suit your design goals. We have a thorough understanding of a products performance and capabilities and can advise you on the best choice or mix of products to deliver the look you’re seeking.

EFS’s expertise in installing simple to technically complex façades is demonstrated through cost effective methods and high quality finishes. Share your ideas with us and let us make your vision a reality.


EFS has considerable experience in assisting building owners breathe new life into an existing façade and increase the value of their investments through the refurbishment of their building quickly and cost effectively. No building is too small or complex for our highly skilled team of tradesmen. Our teams are experienced in working on buildings that are tenanted, causing the least amount of disruption.

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